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Get a feel for PTX.

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Get a feel for PTX.

For customer support and services click here.

Get a feel for PTX.

For customer support and services click here.

Power your recurring & one-off payments

Get paid while you sleep with Bottomline PTX, the cloud platform that helps any business pay and get paid.

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Use the UK’s most trusted recurring payment method

Direct Debits are the most popular and trusted way to pay regular bills in the UK, with 80% of households having at least one Direct Debit in place.

PTX gives you control over when you get paid and how often. It's the simplest way to collect payments without the hassle of chasing late payments.

Get paid painlessly on time, every time


Using one intuitive dashboard, create Direct Debit Mandates, Payment Plans and one-off transactions to collect variable amounts, subscription payments and fixed fees alike from your customers.

Once set up, fixed payments are collected automatically on a selected date, leaving you free to focus on your business without the fear of late payments.

Benefit from offering your customers the Direct Debit option


There are a wide range of ways your business could benefit by offering customers the option to pay by Direct Debit, including:

  • Regular, timely collections
  • Reduced administration costs
  • Fewer missed or rejected payments
  • Visibility of when to expect funds
  • Increased customer retention
  • Comprehensive reporting and audit trails

Parkinson’s UK securely manage Direct Debits with Bottomline PTX

"The PTX dashboard gives us an immediate visual confirmation that the Bacs submission was successful. It eliminates any guesswork as we can see very clearly which donor we have claimed from and when. We now have far greater visibility over our Direct Debits than ever before."

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Paperless Direct Debit Capture

Add paperless Direct Debit sign in to your site, allow your customers to subscribe with ease

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