Direct Debit collection made simple

You don't need to rely on your bank to start collecting direct debits. Let Bottomline manage the entire direct debit collection process for you, so you have time to focus on growing your business.

Use the UK’s most trusted
 payment method

Direct Debit is the most popular and trusted way to pay regular bills in the UK, with 80% of households having at least one Direct Debit in place.

Avoid the hassle of chasing late payments, by controlling both when and how often you get paid, using the simplest way to collect.

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Get paid on time, every time

Set up Direct Debit mandates, payment plans and one-off transactions to collect variable amounts, subscription payments and fixed fees alike.

Once set up, payments are automatically collected on your chosen date, leaving you free to focus on your business without the fear of late payments.

Benefit from offering your customers Direct Debit

There is a wide range of ways your business can benefit by offering customers the option to pay by Direct Debit, including:

  • Regular, timely collections
  • Reduced administration costs
  • Fewer missed or rejected payments
  • Visibility into when to expect funds
  • Increased customer retention
  • Comprehensive reporting and audit trails


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Direct Debit Management

Effective cash collection is one of the most essential aspects of good business practice. Follow these steps to effective Direct Debit Management to maximise the value of DD collections.

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video time: 18:38 video title: 07 Direct Debit the how, what and why for businesses

Direct Debit - The how, what and why for businesses

Did you know nearly 90% of UK adults pay at least one bill each month using Direct Debit? Yet many businesses of all sizes remain unsure of how they should be using it or when for their collections.


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