The benefits of Bottomline's global payments solution

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Centralize enterprise-wide payments

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Maximize visibility

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Improve security and compliance


Over 25% of businesses generate more than one million payments every month, with those payments typically originating from disparate systems. 

Global payments and cash management benefits

Bottomline's payment services hub supports a diverse array of complex global payment types. Designed to facilitate the management of domestic and cross-border payments, our solutions provide functionality for ACH, wires, check, multi-currency and multi-bank payments.

Bottomline keeps clients one step ahead of major changes through continuous support of the latest electronic payment and messaging standards, including SWIFT, SEPA, NACHA, US, and international EDI standards, Fedwire and new payment schemes such as same-day ACH and real-time payments. With Bottomline, your business will be able to centrally create, approve, manage and report on all payments globally, driving efficiencies throughout the organization. 


  • Consolidate and automate all payment types and across all banks from a single payment hub
  • Maintain visibility and control of cash operations from any location
  • Support multiple global payment and remittance standards including SWIFT, SEPA and ISO20022
  • Mitigate risk and fraud via an extensive array of entitlement and
    security controls
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with sophisticated sanction screening
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Global insurer transforms payment processes with a payments hub

When a major global insurer sought opportunities for growth and modernization of its infrastructure, replacing existing payment systems became a top priority. Stifled by costly and error-prone legacy systems, they found optimizing cash flows was a challenge due to lack of visibility and efficiency.

This insurer soon found that Bottomline’s WebSeries solution integrated and supported these critical needs and much more. Providing a cost-efficient and standardized solution allowed for more flexibility and visibility, while eliminating major system redundancies.

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Navigating the payments landscape

Making and managing payments around the globe is increasingly complex. Driven by the globalization of the trade and financial supply chains, M&A activity and the need to support multiple payment types and formats, businesses must juggle a variety of payment challenges. 

5 Best Practices for Improving Payments and Cash Management

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