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Join us at one of our sessions during the event or schedule some time to speak with a Bottomline team member.

Speaking Session

Gaining a Holistic View of Security and Risk Across the Payment and Cash Lifecycle

Monday, August 23, 3:10-4:10pm EST

Jessica Cheney, VP of Product Management and Strategic Solutions, Banking Solutions, Bottomline

Chris Gerda, Risk and Fraud Prevention Officer, Bottomline

Financial Institutions and Companies seek a secure end-to-end payment and cash lifecycle. They also want a holistic view of risk through the lens of payment origination. But they may be missing opportunities to optimize both flow and security with siloed snapshots.

Financial managers focus on cash optimization, liquidity, working capital and treasury management. Fraud investigators seek visibility across the entire cycle from payment origination to completed transaction.

In this session, we’ll discuss the growing desire to create intersections across these teams. We’ll review best practices and lessons learned from our customers on how these teams can collaborate, looking across the junctions that every payment flows, to provide secure and efficient payment and cash management for their organizations.

Product Tour Session

Secure Payments Product Tour 
Tuesday, August 24 2:25-2:40 PM EST

Albert Laino, Solutions Consultant, Fraud and Financial Crime

Our solution helps quickly and confidently detect threats and prevent fraud, through unique features:

  • The only ECM with no-code cloud configuration for lowest industry TCO
  • Full life cycle monitoring for ACH with seamless integration from our years of data source expertise
  • Record and replay, a screen-by-screen playback of the session to provide context for each transaction and eliminate hours of reviewing log files

Recognized by industry experts for its unique combination of behavioral analytics, machine learning, consortium data, real-time alerting, and automatic transaction blocking.  Bottomline’s Secure Payments results in higher detection accuracy and reduced fraud losses, improved productivity, and less customer friction, with a single, fully integrated solution that protects billions of dollars in financial transactions for over 400,000 organizations on our own payment network.

Panel Speaking Session

B2B Meets B2C: Because Businesses Pay People, Too

Tuesday, August 24, 11:10 AM - 12:10 PM EST

Brian Greehan, VP of Sales and Channel Partner Execution, Bottomline

Carl Slabicki, AAP, CTP, Managing Director,BNY Mellon

Jim Stanley, Senior Business Subject Matter Expert, Conduent

Businesses, financial institutions and fintechs have all been incredibly focused on finding and creating solutions that automate B2B and supplier payments. And businesses, especially, are looking for providers to bridge the gap that exists between available payment models and their ability to capitalize on them. In this session, explore how the industry leverages the consumer adoption of payment options like Zelle and PayPal to deliver solutions for corporates' overall payments unrelated to B2B and B2C transactions.

Lunch and Learn Session

Payment Automation: Big Results Without the Big Bucks

Wednesday, August 25, 12:20 - 01:10 PM EST

Paige Turpin, AP Solution Consultant, Bottomline

Christina Sousa, Vice President AP Solutions Consultant, TD Bank, N.A

This session addresses known and growing challenges across industries focusing on payment efficiencies - or lack thereof - and how payment automation might impact an organization's bottom line. AP departments are responsible for paying an organization’s bills, but due to work from home measures this year, employees have had to challenge the status quo to maintain business-critical functions. The “new normal” is changing every day, so how can AP departments continue to do their part to keep business moving forward? Speakers address how the world of AP has changed and the impact it has had on the organization across resource allocation, payment information security, and supplier management and how to recognize the importance of addressing these issues to make positive change across the business.


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Actions your organization can take to move toward this holistic approach to monitoring fraud risk

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