Product overview

In the current financial climate, corporations need centralized financial crime and fraud alert and case management tools, in order to combat the rise of fraud and money laundering and data theft, as well as to comply with government regulations. However, alert and case management is a laborious, costly and error-prone process, and the workload of security, anti-fraud and compliance staff is growing.

Bottomline Enterprise Case Management (ECM) solution provides an enterprise-wide alert and case management system for creating and managing alerts and cases of suspicious activity and filing suspicious activity reports (SARs). Bottomline ECM integrates seamlessly with existing corporate systems, collecting all data relevant for case investigations across multiple systems in heterogeneous environments. The solution includes a preconfigured extendable data model and case management workflow, allowing for rapid deployment and fast return on investment.

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Benefits and features

A centralized view of alerts across systems improves transparency and ability to report and comply with government regulations

Standardize investigation and enable cross channel-investigation by connecting with all appropriate corporate systems and data sources

Rapidly expose fraudulent activity by visually analyzing complex relationships on a variety of dimensions

Increase staff productivity with easy-to-use workflows that reduce errors and more effectively manage case loads

Adapt quickly to changes in the bank structure and processes, internal and external threats and regulatory requirements

Capture and monitor data from a multitude of systems with flexible integration and data ingestion tools and standardized/extensible data model

Easily establish priorities, assign caseloads and meet deadlines with pre-configured alert and case workflows for specific organizational requirements

Automatically file SARs to regulatory bodies with complete and accurate information and documentation

Automatically calculate financial impact based on information such as financial exposure, anticipated loss and pre-charge of recoveries

Visually map connections between suspect activities and users according to a range of variables with link analysis diagrams


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