Bottomline Enterprise Case Manager

Bottomline Enterprise Case Manager (ECM) is a preconfigured out-of–the-box solution that can be set up quickly and configured to address specific organisational needs for compliance and fraud prevention. With ECM, supervisors can configure case workflows to match organisational requirements; establish priorities, assign caseloads, and meet deadlines. Through integration with the relevant banking systems, ECM provides readily available organisational data for each case, thereby eliminating the need for extensive searching across many different platforms.

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Bottomline Enterprise Case Manager enables organisations to manage all case and suspicious activity report (SAR) related information including alerts, accounts, financial transactions, victims, suspects, witnesses, law enforcement, and locations. The data model can be extended to match the organisation’s specific risks, processes, applications, and policies in order to ensure it includes the information that is important to each organisation.

The system can import data from relevant systems within the organisation including information on transactions, customers, accounts, and employees. This streamlines the investigator’s work, and saves time by reducing the need for reentering the data into the case manager.

Alerts in ECM can be received from other Bottomline Cyber Fraud and Risk Management modules as well as from third party anti-fraud and security tools. When an investigator opens a case from an alert or attaches an alert to an existing case, all relevant information is copied automatically from the alert into the new case. An investigator may also open cases as a result of information that was received offline or from a separate system.

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Voordelen & Kenmerken

  • Robust case management gathers the necessary information from all relevant sources.
  • All relevant information pertaining to each case is available to the auditors within the case manager, including transactions and records accessed. This streamlines the case management workflow of potentially fraudulent activity.
  • Dashboards provide a high level view of the different kinds of alerts and cases that have been created and allow you quickly see the key metrics that are important to you.
  • Link analysis visually displays the relationships between various entities such as employees, customers, accounts, addresses, phone numbers, and social security numbers.
  • Seamless integration with other products in Bottomline's Cyber Fraud and Risk Management suite provides a comprehensive platform and product set for preempting, detecting, and resolving different types of fraud, security breaches, and compliance issues.
  • Automatically identifies cases requiring suspicious activity reports, and provides a complete workflow for generating and electronically filing SARs.
  • Fully configurable user interface with predefined reports, dashboards, screen layouts, and case and report workflows, with no need for programming or IT support.