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Bottomline Universal Aggregator

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Payment network connectivity with multiple infrastructures, networks and new technologies is costly and time consuming.

Transaction monitoring and managing multiple formats, protocols and interfaces – especially in a climate of rapid change – is an expensive overhead, and the move to real-time payments and the replacement of legacy central systems presents further challenges for any organisation.

Bottomline Universal Aggregator® addresses all of these challenges – for banks, financial institutions, governmental organisations or corporates – providing a seamless single access global payment gateway for multiple systems, ranging from SWIFT messaging to instant payments, file-based mass payments, and more.

Download our guide to learn how to:

  • Leverage a global payments gateway for consolidating all channels in one single overview
  • Connect multiple payments and non-payments networks and banking partners via a global payments api
  • Improve efficiency and lower operating costs while protecting against payment fraud
  • Benefit transaction monitoring via reconciliation & matching, format transformation and market data management.

Bottomline Universal Aggregator offers banks, financial institutions and corporates a competitive advantage from their payments network connectivity, lowering operational costs, ensuring compliance and delivering enhanced risk mitigation. Download our global payments api guide to get started.

Universal Aggregator connects to multiple payments networks and banking partners and non-payments networks.

Looking for an agnostic and seamless connection to a wide range of financial messaging networks? Find out more

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SWIFT gpi: Important information

Bottomline’s SWIFT global payments solutions support the transmission of the enhanced MT messaging, and provide full access and support for to SWIFT gpi tracking functionalities. Download the guide to get started with SWIFT gpi.

White Paper

Strategic Treasurer Report: Treasury Aggregators

How many banking partners do you have? Do you use the same connectivity method for each of them? This report will provide in-depth analysis of the technology solutions referred to as “treasury aggregators” that provide streamlined connectivity for all a corporate’s banking activity. Download to get started on improving your bank connectivity.

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