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Cash Wars: A Guide to Getting Invoice Collection Right

Nearly a quarter of businesses report that their average billing and receivables costs have increased over the past two years. Unsettled invoices and problems with cash collection undermine any goal to improve cash flow and the longer debt is owed, the more aged debt piles up and profit is compromised.

Download Getting invoice collection right to discover the right invoice collection process for you, and benefit from:

  • The ability to take proactive and preventative action on outstanding invoices for improved cash flow Improved efficiency and reduced need for costly legal proceedings
  • Greater visibility through the entire collections process for managing aged debt more effectively
  • Reduce risk via improved customer collaboration and satisfaction.

Having the right invoice collection solution in place will help you to remove manual processes, mitigate disputes and rejections, and improve cash flow by reducing your aged debt and DSO. Download the guide to improving cash flow with your invoice collection to find out how.

More than half (52%) of Britain's small and medium-sized enterprises are owed in total an estimated £44.6 billion in late payments, with almost half of those subject to payment delays of up to three months.

(Source: Zurich SME Risk Index 2017)

Automate your accounts payable processing from invoice capture, validation, PO matching, approvals and reporting. Find out how

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