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On-Demand Webinar

Interactive Forms Technologies

Forms are indispensable instruments for the systematic collection and communication of information, and when used well, forms technology is an essential part of any companies Digital Transformation strategy.

Watch this on-demand webinar recording where we:

        • Examine why forms have stood the test of time
        • Highlight how form technologies can deliver a better customer experience
        • Explain how real time processing of forms will help win more business
        • Review competing technologies strengths and weaknesses
        • Show how easy this is to do

Automate your accounts payable processing from invoice capture, validation, PO matching, approvals and reporting. Find out how

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White Paper

AP Invoice Processing: Clear Out the Financial Fog

Unfortunately, instead of getting crystal-clear, real-time analytics and insights, accounts payable can seem like a fogbank. Download the industry guide Clearing Out the Financial Fog to learn how to leverage accounts payable process automation for blowing away challenges.


The AP Automation Payoff

By leveraging AP automation software, authorised stakeholders such as AP staff and managers, CFOs, controllers and treasurers can obtain instant online access to financial information at virtually any point in the AP process, offering real-time visibility into accounts payable processing operations.

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