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Taggart Global Cleans Up AP Invoice Processing with Automation


Taggart Global builds and operates state-of-the-art coal preparation plants and material handling systems worldwide. In addition to its 14 permanent utility sites, Taggart is constructing 20 to 40 new sites located around the world at any given time. Each of these sites works with multiple vendors resulting in more than 30,000 invoices per year that are processed by Taggart’s Accounts Payable staff of three.

Nearly all of these invoices—approximately 99%—are paper. Before these invoices can be processed and paid, they must first be sent to the on-site Project Managers (PMs) to verify delivery of goods and services, resulting in additional shipping and mailing costs as well as occasional delays.

AP departments improve processing time by 74% with automation. See what you can do to become best-in-class

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