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Financial Messaging

Securely communicate, reconcile, and manage the data in financial transactions within and between banks, both locally and internationally.

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Our Financial Messaging Solutions Include


Financial Data Format Transformation

Gain significant data transformation efficiencies with complete interoperability and business flows integration for corporations and financial institutions.


Financial Market Data Management

Enable comprehensive multi-provider market data selection and acquisition for valuation pricing, corporate actions processing, cost control, and securities master file maintenance.


Financial Transactions Reconciliation

Seamlessly incorporate and reconcile all financial data types across the enterprise to dramatically improve operational efficiency while reducing operational risk.


Financial Messaging Analytics

Get powerful and predictive business insight across the entire financial messaging portfolio with access to real-time and actionable data, duplicate checking, transaction flows analysis, exceptions management, sanction filtering, and predictive flows analysis.


Financial Messaging Compliance

Enable compliance with sanctions screening, message format standardization, market infrastructure interoperability, and global regulatory mandate regimes.


Financial Messaging for Securities

Gain access to securities networks including SWIFT, FIX, and SECOM and reconcile securities holdings and transactions. Manage and create golden copy for market data and corporate actions.


Financial Messaging Super-Bureau

Experience a global transaction platform offering a full spectrum of financial messaging, cash management, and securities solutions for financial institutions and corporations.