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Introducing Digital Banking 3.0 – a strategic solution suite that includes a powerful customer engagement platform, market-leading payments and cash management services, analytics, sales and marketing, and risk management tools.

Anchor: Digital Banking and Payments

Digital banking and payments

Transform your digital channel with market-proven payments and cash management capabilities that are combined with a powerful customer experience platform.

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Over one third of banking revenues are in play due to the forces of digital disruption.” – Accenture

Anchor: Customer Acquisition & Growth

Customer acquisition and growth

Enable consumers or businesses to quickly and easily open accounts - online or via a mobile device - including checking, savings, certificates of deposit, and credit card accounts.

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“Nearly half of checking accounts were opened in online or mobile channels”
Source: Javelin Research

Anchor: Cyber Fraud and Risk Management for Banks

Cyber fraud and risk management for banks

Prevent fraud and reduce risk across banking channels and applications. Use behavioral analytics combined with pre-configured rules to generate alerts. Manage caseloads to meet financial institution and regulatory requirements.

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Anchor: Business Banking Growth

Business banking growth

Better serve, monetize and grow the high-opportunity small and medium-sized business segment, leveraging a rich set of tools and purpose-built solutions.

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Anchor: Paymode X Payment Network for Banks

Paymode-X payment network for banks

Provide clients with access to a secure, cloud-based payment network for businesses to help them quickly automate payments and transform their AP departments into profit centers.

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With 360,000+ members, Paymode-X is the largest and fastest growing payment network.

Anchor: Global Payments for Banks

Global payments for banks

Fully service the advanced global payments and liquidity management needs of commercial customers. Protect mission-critical payment activity with fraud prevention and financial messaging.

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of Corporates say that they would switch banks for a better online banking solution
Source: IDC Financial Insights

Anchor: Banking Financial Messaging

Banking financial messaging

Securely communicate, reconcile, and manage the data in financial documents within and between financial institutions. Connect to SWIFT and other networks with a comprehensive, high-speed, and secure connection hub.

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1 million+

messages are processed daily Bottomline financial messaging solution