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Financial messaging analytics

Get powerful and predictive business insight across the entire financial messaging portfolio with access to real-time and actionable data, duplicate checking, transaction flows analysis, exceptions management, sanction filtering, and predictive flows analysis.

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The Challenge

Traditional business architectures and processes are increasingly strained by the need for timely behavior insight and analysis. With a myriad of business silos and disparate systems generating huge volumes of activity data, detecting abnormal financial flows or market behavior can be a challenge—and organizations risk financial or reputation exposure.

Our Solution

Preemptive and real-time analytics solutions from Bottomline deliver powerful business insight enabling informed decision making and event management. The automated and fully configurable analysis modules provide live monitoring and assessment across business lines and activity, with predictive and visual representations of trend or activity anomalies. Timely insight is essential. From multiple and ultra-high volume data flows, relevant and abnormal activity is identified with predictive alerts and reports delivered in real-time, providing competitive advantage to decision makers.

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Bottomline's financial messaging analytics solutions provide predictive and real-time insight and reporting from large amounts of data across all business areas:

  • Dramatically improves efficiencies and enables more profitable deployment of resources with automated analysis across multiple systems
  • Enables speedy insight and intervention with visual representation of data or activity anomalies
  • Ensures accurate and relevant reporting and alert generation with sophisticated comparison intelligence
  • Provides measureable competitive advantages and risk-mitigation
  • Provides fully configurable analysis profiles with base line customization
  • Works in harmony with existing systems, retaining your current investments
Bottomline's financial messaging analytics solutions
Anchor: Functionality
Enterprise-wide analytics solution


  • Enterprise-wide analytics solution, monitoring across multiple flows, data types, and formats
  • Intelligent predicative analytics generating before-event alerts
  • Fully configurable baseline profiles and alert criteria, ensuring relevant and accurate interpretation and reporting
  • Designed to analyse in real-time the flows per counterparty and application to identify abnormal traffic such as: traffic in excess, missing traffic, traffic out of usual opening and closing time, unusual currency, amount, or recipient
  • Web-based interface and easy to deploy solution
  • Designed to feed mobile application with key events
  • Analytics tools available across the Bottomline financial messaging portfolio
  • Made to work in harmony with third-party systems and formats
  • Integration across multiple networks and data types
  • Graphical representations of activity or trend anomalies

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