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Financial messaging super-bureau

Experience a global transaction platform offering a full spectrum of financial messaging, cash management, and securities solutions for financial institutions and corporations.

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The Challenge

As financial institutions and corporations respond to fresh economic challenges and tighter regulatory regimes, the cost and scalability benefits of outsourced and hosted cloud solutions become increasingly attractive. Organizations are faced with demands for increased global transparency and risk visibility, better liquidity management, and greater operational efficiencies.

Our Solution

The Bottomline financial messaging super bureau represents the most advanced financial messaging and transaction solution, providing premium global transaction and cash management services for banks, financial institutions, corporations, and the securities industry.

The super bureau platform is a global architecture providing complete access to the hosted Bottomline application environment, including full financial messaging services, together with BACS and Faster Payments, liquidity management, Direct Debit collection, payroll bureau, and invoice and document management services.

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As a super-bureau, the cloud platform delivers an integrated service far beyond the sum of its parts: a fully integrated business solutions portfolio, leveraging market-leading Bottomline technologies to deliver a single consolidate managed service.

  • Provides full access to the hosted Bottomline application environment
  • Significantly reduces in-house IT and back-office costs, facilitating the realignment of resources around core competencies
  • Enables the replacement of multiple proprietary and legacy systems with a single integrated solution
  • Provides full control and transparency with complete end-to-end service and a single point of management
  • Provides a complete financial messaging, cash and liquidity management, compliance, reporting, invoicing, and document management solution platform
  • Requires no significant upfront capital expenditure as a cost-effective outsourced cloud solution
  • Ensures the optimal and most cost-effective routing solutions with global network integration
  • Delivers measurable business benefits with seamless transformation functionality and interoperability between legacy, proprietary, and new XML formats
  • Integrates with existing back-office and treasury systems
  • Provides unparalleled oversight, control, and reporting with consolidated, customisable view of data
  • Mitigates reputational risk and ensures compliance with transaction control with real-time sanction screening
  • Provides dependable back-up redundancy solution for in-house operations
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Financial messaging portfolio


On-demand access to the full Bottomline application environment, including:

  • Financial messaging portfolio—incorporating full multi-network capabilities, reconciliation, transformation, back-end integration, and market data management
  • Treasury management portfolio including multi-bank, multi-currency cash management, forecasting, pooling, and sweeping
  • Portfolio of payments solutions for BACS, Faster Payments, SEPA (both Credit Transfer and Direct Debit solutions), Target 2, domestic clearing (e.g. Swiss SIC, Saudi Arabia SARIE)
  • Access to real time inquiry links for T2, Band Of England inquiry link and Collateral management, Swiss clearing, and Saudi Arabia clearing
  • Portfolio of solutions for document management automation, sales order management, and invoice management services
  • Full range of SWIFTNet services (FIN, InterAct, FileAct, RMA) along with other financial network (EBICS, FIX, SIC, SECOM, SARIE, secure email, fax), and other proprietary networks
  • Intuitive user interface with configurable dashboard, reporting, predictive analysis, and mobile functions
  • Integrated sanctions screening
  • 24x7 service usage, support, and monitoring
  • Interoperable with your existing back-office systems
  • Proven and reliable product portfolio
  • Extensible architecture to handle ultra-high volume operational demands

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