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Healthcare eCapture

Capture discrete healthcare data elements, photos, diagram annotations, and multimedia presentations across platforms and devices.

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The Challenge

Registrations and admissions processes capture more than 6.4 billion pieces of data on paper—that are unavailable in a discrete format. Changing care models and evolving regulatory requirements mandate discrete, liquid, available data that is interoperable and reportable—and most healthcare organization are unable to electronically capture diagrams, photos, and videos in one solution

Our Solution

Bottomline's Healthcare eCapture solution enables the electronic capture of almost any content as discrete data including photos via device camera, annotated diagrams, and pain scales—all complete and compliant.

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Research Report

Digitization Beyond the Point of Care


Electronic Data Capture: 10 Ways It Can Benefit Your Hospital


eSignature and eCapture Overview

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  • Capture discrete, liquid data that is interoperable and can be fed to any downstream system, enhancing data integrity and liquidity.
  • Increase clinician satisfaction by providing them with tools that work the way they do.
  • Improve patient and clinician confidence and levels of communication by presenting embedded video.
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Native options for web


  • Native options for Web, Windows, and iOS platforms
  • Complete, compliant eSignature with a people-friendly interface
  • Auto-delivery to content management systems, and validation rules that ensure all forms are 100% complete
  • Barcode-packet retrieval to scan patient wristbands with an iPad and instantly retrieve the correct pre-filled forms packet
  • Integration via API, embed, or auto-launch from existing systems
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Customer Testimonials

"Patients are customers at West Georgia—and they are happy. We save 8 minutes per patient in admissions and registration processes with eSignature."
Cinda Lott, Application Support Manager, RN, BSN, SPHIMS, RN-BC, West Georgia Health System

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