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PT-X Cheques - Secure cloud based PT-X Module for cheque payments


PT-X Cheques - Securely produce cheque payments & disbursements

Despite an overall decline in the volume of cheque disbursements in the UK, over half a billion were processed in 2015; and the proposed new Image Clearing System will revolutionise how cheques are cleared, by leveraging digital imagery.

As part of the PT-X Payments platform, PT-X Cheques is a cloud based solution enabling companies to efficiently produce cheque payments securely by taking advantage of the latest image capture technology.

PT-X Cheques securely streamlines the process of cheque disbursements by providing:

  • Increased back office efficiency by eliminating manual processes
  • Improved visibility of cheque payments across the organisation
  • Easy migration path - taking cheque production into the cloud alongside electronic payments
  • A robust, bank grade security minimising risk of fraud or error

Find out how to produce cheques and manage cheque disbursements, with the same security and control applied to electronic payments, by adding Bottomline’s PT-X Cheques to your payments armoury.

Cash is the lifeblood of any organisation. Whether you need to pay or collect, there's an easy way to do both with PT-X.

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PT-X Remit - Efficiently create, print and email remittance advices alongside payments

Reconcile payments effortlessly with PT-X Remit, part of the PT-X Payments platform from Bottomline Technologies - developed for organisations that want to create and email advices in full alignment with their Bacs or Faster Payments.

Customer Success Story

Parkinson’s UK securely manage Direct Debits with PT-X

Parkinson’s UK wanted to modernise with a more robust and efficient method of managing Direct Debit submissions. They sought to reduce time spent managing their Direct Debit process, as well as improve error management.

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