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B2B Payments Survey Results with Strategic Treasurer

September 30, 2021 | 2-3pm ET

We will discuss the following themes:

Drivers for new payment solutions and the significant shift to digital payments

49% of companies faced a fraud attack in the last 12 months – and what you can do about it.

The Top 3 challenges facing Treasury, AP + AR


Receivables 101:
Answering Your Pressing AR Questions

October 26, 2021 | 2pm ET


Open Mic session with our AR experts in an "Ask Me Anything" format.




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Watch the On-Demand of How AP & AR Can Work Better Together

How ap and ar can work better together WEB media MED 2

Wondering how you can work more effectively with your counterparts in accounts payable at other companies? Trying to forge better relationships between your AP & AR functions? Now’s your chance to get an expert view into how to accomplish just that.

In this on-demand of our recent roundtable webinar with Tilson Technology’s Cari Dowling-Ingraham and Bottomline’s Jill McFarland and Gunita Bindra, you’ll learn why those relationships are so important and how to strengthen them.

Also gain more insight into:

  • Relationship trends for AP and AR teams and the implications for your entire organization
  • How separation of duties and understanding roles can help combat fraud
  • What the future looks like for AP and AR cooperation
  • And more!

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Six quick tips for finance leaders on their digital transformation journey

Portals are a fact of life in this modern age, as they provide security, ensure tracking of payment, reconciliation reports, and other benefits for the buyer-supplier relationship. It can be tough not to become burnt out on portals, though, when you might have to log in to a dozen of them just to get your job done. Fortunately, there are smarter ways to streamline your usage of them in a way that will reduce that fatigue.

Here, Bottomline’s Kim Kelley takes a closer look at how you can navigate the need to use portals for your critical accounts receivable functions and the need to streamline your usage so you don’t go crazy.


Portal fatigue


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