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The Bottomline Cash Allocation Early Adopter Program Panel Discussion

Bottomline cash allocation early adopter program panel discussion media MED

In this new webinar, expert speakers discuss lessons learned and exciting new benefits for companies who participated in the Cash Allocation early adopter program. These early adopters in the Bottomline program will go through what is cash allocation, why their companies joined the program, and the successes their companies found.

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2022 Treasury Fraud and Controls Survey Results

After surveying over 300 organizations, Bottomline Technologies is excited to share our findings from the 2022 Treasury Fraud and Controls Survey!

Join to hear about: 
  • Fraud experiences and security practices employed by your peers 
  • How the industry is investing in security and fraud prevention technologies 
  • Other key findings from the recently close Treasury Fraud and Controls survey

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2022 treasury fraud and controls survey results media MED


Bottomline on 2022

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We brought together experts from across Bottomline and Paymode-X to weigh in on the trends, causes for concerns and solutions that will define the year 2022 for businesses like yours. This sweeping look ahead will help you move forward through the rest of the year by helping you separate flash-in-the-pan technologies and ideas for what’s likely to endure and impact your business.

Gain insight into embedded finance, how your bank is thinking about relationships with key customers, fraud prevention, and much more during your lunch hour with this easy-to-digest yet deep guide.

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The Bottomline on Fraud and Financial Crime

A recent ACFE survey found that 71% of companies expect the level of fraud impacting their organization to steadily increase over the next year. Being prepared to combat that threat, both from existing fraud schemes and new ones just arising, is paramount for every business in 2022.

Here, you’ll gain access to a valuable library of articles, podcasts, webinars and more that will ensure you’re prepared for whatever fraudsters throw at your business this year.

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2021 Treasury Fraud and Controls Research Report

In 2021, the threat of fraud is continuing to rise with a significant impact from a remote work environment as criminals expand their sophisticated methods

Organizations of all types experienced an increase in the threat level but it is clear that smaller businesses experienced a greater impact from automated schemes and attach methods. Larger firms are more likely to have payments modernization and banks have invested heavily in this area which reflects security concerns and new payment types.

We asked over 330 corporate practitioners and bankers where their organization stands in the fight against fraud and gathered extensive data on fraud experiences, defensive and control plans, spending to protect their organizations and views on risks.

If you’d like more detail on how Paymode-X protects you and what’s out there in terms of fraud, request the survey results.


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