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B2B Payments: 2022 Survey Results Webinar

The initial data from Bottomline’s annual B2B Payments Survey is in. As a co-venture with Strategic Treasurer, this 6th version rounds up over 800 finance leaders from both banks and non-financial service companies across the globe.

You can sign up for our September 13 webinar to get a complete picture of the data, but we did want to give you a sneak peek at one of the topline data points from the 2022 survey. It’s one that which could portend significant changes in the 2022 survey, and by extension, significant change for businesses.

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How Paymode-X Can Streamline and Digitize Your Accounts Receivable Data

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Join us for a discussion on how Paymode-X can help transform your AR department by streamlining and digitizing your AR Data.

Justin Corum, Mike Ellis, and Evan Hall of Bottomline will be breaking down the benefits that Paymode-X can bring to your business, as well as your payers and partners. You’ll join a true deep dive into the current and future state of AR automation and how making the change can improve a company’s visibility into cash flow and collections, among many other benefits.

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Paymode-X Protects Business Relationships

Fraud is growing in scope and sophistication, and that means protecting your accounts receivable team from fraudsters is becoming even more urgent. Doing so means ensuring your critical bank information and every payment headed your way is protected. 

Here, we outline the ways Paymode-X protects your accounts receivable team and your valued payers, which means 500,000+ businesses have exchanged $300 billion in payments in the last year with zero fraud.

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AR Automation Checks the Box on Personnel Efficiency

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Accounts receivable teams are understandably stretched thin right now. If they’re not impacted by supply chain issues, the ongoing digitization of core functions across the business and rapid inflation, they could be left in analog limbo. 

I could sit here and tell you that your team can just slog through that. I could assure you that a stellar work ethic and a can-do attitude will be a difference maker. The truth is that you can’t just throw people at chasing payments down, reconciling those payments and dealing with managing a dizzying number of portals and logins. If you have to do that, there’s just no time to get anything else done.

That’s a bit of an open secret in accounts receivable departments I speak with. Portal fatigue is a real thing, and the level of manual effort associated with just the basics has become overwhelming. So how do you solve that?

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