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The Power of Financial Document Automation: Why it Matters and What You Need to Know

What can financial document automation do for your organization?

As corporates are overwhelmed by the paper-heavy processes that rule today: invoices, POs, contracts, receipts, shipping documents…the list goes on. Automating financial processes can help you achieve optimum efficiency as you:

  • Manage transactional data
  • Automate document output
  • Refine value from variable documents to benefit the business

Read this article to discover how you can automate financial processes and reduce costs, errors, and manual labor as well as support the growth of your business.

"30% of financial organizations cite that they are in process of implementing cloud services."

Average annual cost of cybercrime in the financial services industries is $20.8 million. What you can do to win the fight

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10 Ways A Lack of Visibility into Your Receivables is Undercutting Your Business

Lack of visibility into receivables isn’t an annoyance or occasional frustration - it is a substantial crisis for businesses today.

Customer Success Story

James M. Pleasants Increases Cash Flow with Cloud-Based Platform

As a top supplier of energy-efficient water and steam related products in the southeast, James M. Pleasants has experienced rapid growth in recent years. With four acquisitions and an expansion into manufacturing, it has grown from $18M in revenue to $100M since 2000.

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