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Healthcare PreCapture™

Enable at-home completion and esignature of eforms and consents for patients at their convenience.

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The Challenge

Forms. Instead of a care giver, forms often are the first things your patient sees, and help form the first impression of your organization. Forms are a time-consuming, sometimes awkward, but necessary link between patient data and the systems that initiate care, claims, and payments. Healthcare organizations striving to enhance the patient’s experience must also strive to enhance the first point of contact, their forms.

Our Solution

PreCapture™ enhances your patients’ experience through secure access to visit-related documents for review and signing at home. With PreCapture™, email your patients a link to documents that are specific to their care. Using a home tablet or desktop device, patients can quickly move through a secure, two-factor authentication process to open, read, and complete any documents either before or after their care event.

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PreCapture™: Complete Forms Anywhere

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  • Extend your forms beyond the four walls of your facilities and provide easy, convenient eforms at home
  • Reduce the wait and increase the patient satisfaction by allowing them to complete visit-related paperwork on their own timetable and device
  • Increase staff confidence and efficiency by improving minute-to-minute visibility of form statuses
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Native options for web


  • Email patients directing them to complete care-specific forms online
  • Responsive client design adapts to a wide variety of screens sizes for easy home viewing
  • Configurable screens and messages to reinforce organizational branding and marketing standards
  • Two-factor authentication to secure patient data from unauthorized access

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