Acting up: What are FSIs doing to mitigate the risk of insider fraud?

Bottomline and FStech surveyed key decision-makers in the financial services industry to examine what is being done to deal with the rising cases of internal fraud.

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Bottomline brings you the Insider Fraud Management Hub … a wealth of information to help minimize internal fraud and its impact through anti-fraud awareness and education.

Gain the insights you need to stay on top of this evolving threat – and in a world of hybrid work environments, insider fraud monitoring is becoming a ‘must have’ within organizations.

Insider fraud risk increase is compounded by the finding that 50 percent of survey respondents identified insufficient technology tools as a major obstacle to detecting fraud and collusion.

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Insider Fraud Management Resources

Addressing Insider Fraud in Banks

Once considered a secondary threat, insider fraud is a growing challenge for banks, demanding urgent attention. Are banks in denial about acknowledging this significant issue, or do they have too many competing priorities on their plate? Bottomline’s Ruud Grotens chats with Elizabeth Humphrey of Themis on the recent Insider Fraud in Banks research

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Insider Fraud In Banks - The Post-Covid Threat Landscape

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic and the mass shift to remote working, banks are facing the highest rates of insider fraud in recent history.

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A Banker's Guide to Insider Fraud

In this whitepaper we review different ways to spot insider fraud before it strikes

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Quadrant Knowledge Solutions named Bottomline Technologies as a 2023 technology leader in the report titled SPARK Matrix™:  Insider Risk Management.

The SPARK Matrix includes a detailed analysis of global Insider Risk Management market dynamics, major trends, vendor landscape and competitive positioning.

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2023 Business Payments Barometer

We've talked to over 1,600 businesses across Great Britain (GB) and the United States (US) and dedicated hundreds of hours to deciphering the results to understand the latest business trends and priorities.

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Insider and Employee Fraud - A Non-Invasive Monitoring Solution

Bottomline Insider and Employee Fraud provides a holistic view into user access from main systems to cloud-based applications. It helps you profile user activity, detect anomalies, and identify suspicious behavior with an innovative approach that safeguards employee privacy. With patented visual, screen-by-screen replay of user activity, our customers report up to a 90% decrease in investigation time.

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