Bottomline Cheques

Bottomline Cheques is a cheque printing solution incorporating the latest secure industry-leading technologies and techniques to safeguard your cheques against fraudsters attempting to duplicate, alter, or counterfeit cheques.

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Available as in-house or outsource cheque printing, Bottomline Cheques can help your organization, regardless of its size and requirements, maximise the security, efficiency, and control over cheque payments. With in-house cheque printing, if cheques form part of your payments processes, we provide the most secure laser cheque printing solution available. If you prefer to outsource production, we provide secure printing and delivery of cheques and other financial documents.

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Benefits & Features

In-house cheque printing:

  • Ensure maximum security with fully encrypted data from host system to printer
  • Be confident with the most secure cheque stationery on the market
  • Reduce waste with intelligent remittance overflow management
  • Improve flexibility with the ability to print remittance, letter style or three on a page cheques from multiple printer locations

Outsource cheque printing:

  • Ensure maximum security as cheques are printed on LaserSafe cheque remittance paper with security features in a secure printing house
  • Audit what has been distributed with robust archiving service
  • Improve process efficiencies by providing least cost routing for your financial data
  • Reduce direct costs with no expensive reprints or costly spoils