Bottomline Online Account Opening for Businesses

Bottomline Online Account Opening for Businesses allows financial institutions to capture new deposit account applications from small businesses using any type of device—smartphones, tablets, and Macs/PCs. Leverages mobile capabilities, best-of-breed user experience design, data integrations to qualify applicants, collect supporting documents and signatures, and fund new accounts for a complete end-to-end application experience that will reduce the time to open an account and increase staff efficiency.

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Bottomline Online Account Opening for Businesses delivers a simple online and mobile account opening experience. This product allows applicants to complete the required forms, agree to disclosures, fund the new account, verify their personal identities, sign required agreements, and finally upload all required documentation in a secured digital manner. The solution will work on any web-based browser, which allows applicants to apply from their desktops, personal mobile devices, or the financial institutions can send sales staff out to the applicant’s place of business to capture the application on a mobile device.

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Benefits & Features

  • The ability to have new businesses apply for products online without needing to fill in paper forms or come to the branch.
  • Digitally accept Esignatures and supporting documents to reduce the time to open an account while providing a great application experience for your customers.
  • Digitally cross sell businesses into the right complimentary services or products with consistent messaging that is based on applicant selections and demographics.
  • Consistent data entry, document filling, and business rules for each application ensuring that your applications are correct and complete every time without missing documentation.
  • The mobile-friendly application allows your staff to go to the applicant’s place of business with a tablet and access all of the capabilities of the desktop application but with additional mobile features like digital wet signatures and collecting supporting documents with the snap of a photo.