Intelligence for you and your customers

BT personnel 141 Leadership

  • Product and onboarding performance dashboards
  • Actionable insights on potential areas for growth
  • Attrition metrics, drivers and high risk clients
  • Industry and segment trends

BT legal 107 Relationship managers

  • Actionable insights about key transactions and account trends
  • Data-driven cross-sell recommendations
  • Automated churn risk indicators
  • Prioritized dashboards based on primary relationship value

BT personnel 146 Banking customers

  • Performance tracking with customizable targets
  • Peer comparison and benchmarking
  • Intelligent payments and cash flow management
  • Forecasts about potential payments and cash
    flow shortfalls

Why Change?

Financial Institutions who digitize their relationship models can increase revenue by 15-25% and decrease costs by 5-15%.

Source: Boston Consulting Group

Commercial banking insights

Fundamentally transform how you leverage your commercial client data. Unify account, transaction and payment information from across your organization and apply advanced analytics to surface actionable insights that personalize every customer interaction. Track fee variances, low balance trends, notable transactions and financial events and other key data points that signal opportunities for proactive engagement.

Examples include:

  • Identifying accounts which may incur unexpected fees due to account balance requirements
  • Surfacing sweep account recommendations to customers with
    surplus liquidity
  • Tracking payment data and spotting held-away financial accounts that may signal opportunities for new product offers at more
    competitive prices
DBIQ Insights Commercial Bank Insights Product Screenshot (1)
DBIQ Insights Consumer Bank Product  Screenshot

Retail banking insights

Drive relationship growth with actionable insights, recommendations and data visualization at every stage of the customer journey — from account opening to engagement. Identify and retarget high-value account application abandonments, pinpoint at-risk customers by tracking account activity and drive customer stickiness through intelligently curated product offers.

Examples include:

  • Automatically retargeting high-value abandoned online applications
  • Recommending a home equity line-of-credit (HELOC) to a customer who has two kids approaching college age, a mortgage and great credit — a HELOC could help them pay potential tuition costs
  • Determining churn risks by tracking account activity — customers with decreasing account balances and bill pay volumes over a certain threshold often are moving their finances elsewhere.
Peapack Customer Success Story

“What we are delivering with Bottomline will meet the unique needs of our wealth advisors, while helping them understand and grow relationships that extend into the bank in ways wealth-only solutions can’t deliver.” 

-Dave Collum, Peapack Private, Chief Operating Officer

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Data empowers your entire organization to make the decisions that drive sustained and scalable growth

A superior customer experience starts with enabling your banking teams to provide proactive, intelligent guidance at every stage of the customer journey. Learn how leveraging your data can help your financial institution achieve greater efficiency while delivering a superior customer experience.

The Strategic Value of Banking Data


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