Business benefits of Paymode-X's payment automation solution

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Reduce payment
processing costs 

BT currency & payments 103

Earn rebates on
AP spend

BT security fraud & risk 157

Reduce payment
fraud risk 

BT personnel 149

Streamline all payments to vendors and consumers in one solution

 Global Real Estate Customer Success Story

“Working with Bottomline has been a truly valuable experience — from resources to help us streamline processes, to their Technical Customer Assistance Center for support, to a smooth upgrade path. They have really been able to support us and our payments strategy as we grow.”

-Vice President, Treasury Services

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Paymode-X accelerates payment automation

Paymode-X provides payment automation for businesses, helping AP departments maximize efficiency, reduce fraud risk and optimize working capital. Paymode-X lets you:

Get day-one payment automation with access to a network of 500,000+ businesses accepting electronic payments

Make virtual card, ACH, check and B2C payments in a single process

Earn rebates on virtual card and Premium ACH payments

Receive ongoing vendor enrollment and onboarding done for you

Integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP, accounting systems and bank accounts

Eliminate the risks associated with AP gathering, storing and authenticating vendor bank accounts

Provide your vendors with a better payment experience, including remittance and AR tools

How Paymode-X helps customers

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video time: 01:01 video title: Daikin's payment automation journey
"Between high levels of payment automation, the early payment discounts we capture, and the cash back we get, AP is no longer viewed as a cost center." Jerry Johnson | Sr. Director of Finance | Daikin Applied Americas Inc.

The Bottomline difference

Bottomline offers flexibility and choice when it comes to selecting your invoice automation solution. Both installed and cloud options are available, with seamless integration with hundreds of ERP systems.

What makes Bottomline different? 

  • Deep experience with invoice and business payment automation technology
  • Domain expertise and a trusted adviser on AP and ERP best practices
  • Added invoice automation solutions for complete invoice-to-payment automation
End-to-End AP Automation diagram that displays the how the Paymode-X solution helps businesses with everything from payment automation to invoice automation.

Latest Trends

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Times have changed, and so have AP payment technologies

A full 63% of businesses still make at least half of their AP payments by paper checks, a practice that costs more time and money than necessary in the digital age. Switching to electronic payments uses fewer resources, but some electronic payment approaches present technical challenges and costs of their own.

This resource shows how Paymode-X has helped three organizations automate their payment processes, transform AP into a profit center and tighten security.

How Paymode-X Helped 3 Organizations Reduce Costs, Earn Rebates and Boost Efficiency


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