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Paymode-X Integrated Payables

Achieve 100% payment automation and enable your AP department to maximize efficiency, reduce fraud risk, and optimize working capital.

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The Challenge

Making AP payments by paper check is costly, inefficient, and prone to fraud. Even some approaches to payment automation can be fragmented—requiring AP departments to gather and store sensitive vendor bank account details or adapt to separate processes for virtual card, ACH, and check payments. Only 25% of AP departments describe their processes as being “highly automated.” (IOFM, 2018)

Our Solution

Paymode-X Integrated Payables helps AP departments overcome the inefficiencies associated with manual processes and fragmented solutions by quickly converting to a streamlined approach to electronic payments.  Easily make any type of payment—including virtual card, Premium ACH, Basic ACH, and check—using a single process that integrates seamlessly with your ERP.

Your organization can draw on the power of a 400,000+ member network of businesses already accepting electronic payments. This established network, combined with comprehensive vendor onboarding services, helps accelerate payables optimization.

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Paymode-X Integrated Payables


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  • Maximize efficiency by converting to electronic payments
  • Reduce payment processing costs 
  • Earn rebates on virtual card and ACH spend
  • Reduce payment fraud risk
  • Streamline processing of all payment types in one solution
  • Improve vendor relationships 
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  • Get day-one payment automation by leveraging the Paymode-X network of 400,000+ businesses accepting electronic payments
  • Make payments across virtual card, ACH, and check using a single process
  • Earn rebates on virtual card and Premium ACH spend while minimizing costly fraud-prone paper checks
  • Receive ongoing vendor enrollment and onboarding done for you to help capture more automation and rebate opportunities
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP, accounting systems, and bank accounts  
  • Eliminate the risks associated with gathering, storing, and authenticating vendor bank accounts
  • Provide your vendors with a better payment experience, detailed electronic remittance information in their preferred format, and value-add accounts receivable tools
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Customer Testimonials

"Thanks to the high levels of payment automation, cash-back payments, and early payment discounts we capture, AP is no longer viewed as a cost center, and I can focus on strategic financial initiatives."
Jerry Johnson, Senior Director of Finance, Daiken Applied Americas

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