Product overview

Bottomline eCollect enables users to efficiently manage the entire lifecycle of the Direct Debit collection process—from setup and amendments to cancellations and returns — in a complete solution. eCollect eliminates unnecessary manual processes, reduces administrative overheads, offers better visibility of cash flow, improves customer retention and can support your IT infrastructure.

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Benefits and features

Reduces risk and fraud when acquiring new customers by validating bank account details and verifying the account owners identity at point of capture

Creates payment schedules: calculates amounts, frequencies, bank holidays, etc., reducing the need for ongoing payment administration

Generates payer correspondence which improves customer service

Ensures compliance with the latest Bacs regulations

Generates reports and comprehensive audit trails of transactions and users’ actions for great visibility

Simplifies maintenance and system operations with set user permissions with multi-level security

Assigns Bacs compliant transaction codes (eg. code 18 for re-presentation) and manages re-presentations

Supports Windows 7 and 8, Server 2008 R2, SQL 2008 and 2012


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