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SWIFT connectivity

Build a powerful, secure, and fully configurable financial messaging system, and get fast and secure access to the full suite of SWIFT services and its members.

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The Challenge

Managing corporate banking relationships is extremely complex and demanding. It is riddled with challenges such as overseeing connectivity with multiple banks, handling multiple payment types and formats, keeping up with changing and varied communications requirements, and dealing with inconsistent security standards.

Our Solution

Bottomline's SWIFT connectivity solution uses GTExchange, a high-performance multi-company financial messaging solution, to provide a comprehensive connection hub to SWIFT and other networks. Supporting high volume and complex message flows from multiple counter­parties, it harmonizes a disparate matrix of formats and protocols, ensuring complete interoperability between legacy, domestic, and XML messaging standards.

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  • Provides access to the more than 10,000 institutions in more than 200 countries
  • Streamlines complex financial message and repair tasks and enables efficient management of data entry
  • Delivers ease of deployment, cost efficient performance, flexibility, and scalability
  • Reduces operational inefficiencies, costs, and risks
  • Increases visibility to funds for working capital optimisation
  • Facilitates better regulatory compliance
  • Provides 24x7 service and data accessibility with no single point of failure.
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  • Specialized modular design for connectivity, message creation, and middleware interoperability
  • Multi-network connectivity via single window access to a full range of SWIFTNet services, connection to a wide range of financial networks and protocols, and enrichment with any-XML support, along with other proprietary messages and a SWIFT emulation for internal message switch
  • Thin-client architecture provides web-based, device-agnostic user interface and business-focused templates
  • Real-time creation and modification of complex processing rules such as message content verification and routing criteria according to any field or character string
  • Seamless interface with existing back-end applications and integration with internal business applications, external networks, and a wide range of market infrastructures
  • Linux deployment option for exceptional cost-efficient performance flexibility
  • Centralised message store for a cross-hub view on any message processed by any branch of the organisation

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