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As a leading digital, on-demand treasury management solution, TreasuryXpress makes it possible for companies of all sizes to access powerful, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement treasury management capabilities.

The result? A frictionless experience that economises and declutters resource-intensive operations. This allows treasury to perform at higher, more scalable levels.

TreasuryXpress offers the most scalable, easy-to-implement, and easy-to-use cloud-based treasury management solution (TMS) for companies of all sizes, anywhere in the world.

TreasuryXpress offers Digital Bank Connectivity-as-a-Service so you can gain full visibility into your cash. With connectivity to 10K+ banks worldwide through a mix of SWIFT, API and H2H connections, you will always know your global cash positions.

Configurable dashboards and smart visualisations make it easy to communicate key financial data to your business stakeholders. Our on-demand TMS solution offers the most user-friendly and comprehensive reporting module in the industry.

TreasuryXpress simplifies daily treasury workflows delivering real-time visibility and multi-bank connectivity.

Smart. Scalable. On-demand.

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Manages 80M+ transactions annually

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Processes over $100B in payments annually

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Connects to 60K+ bank accounts globally

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Over 200+ active clients worldwide

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Designed for easy and rapid implementation, our clients typically achieve full visibility within 12 weeks.

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Smart features creating intelligent treasury

Clients leverage our smart and scalable treasury management capabilities to access and deliver financial intelligence. Our solutions enable cross-functional stakeholders to make critical business decisions and improve long and short-term financial operations.

Treasury Operations

Treasury Operations

TreasuryXpress takes the pain out of bank account information reporting. This allows you to optimise cash and reclaim time in your day by:

Providing accurate, real-time views of all cash positions across all accounts, banks, currencies, countries, and more

Offering self-service custom reporting capabilities

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Cash management and visibility

Cash management and visibility

Comprehensive bank connectivity-as-a-service from TreasuryXpress makes it possible to achieve global visibility of cash so you can create accurate cash positions and quality cash forecasts.

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Liquidity and working capital

Liquidity management and working capital

With real-time, comprehensive cash visibility, it’s easy for you to fuel effective liquidity and working capital management. From financial planning to in-house banking requirements and financial deal management, our on-demand TMS solution helps you manage your cash and liquidity intelligently.

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Dashboards and reporting

Dashboards and reporting

Smart dashboarding capabilities and 100+ standard reports let you visualise, slice, dice and share reports all within one system. The best part? Reports can be scheduled to auto-run and be sent directly to the recipient's inboxes.

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Client-choice deployment

Client-choice deployment

Our cloud treasury management solutions are designed for on-demand access and ease of implementation. TreasuryXpress helps minimise client-side resource consumption by handling all system set-up and configuration.

Clients can choose from Multi-Tenant SaaS, Single-Tenant SaaS (ASP), or Direct-to-Private Cloud. Our rapid implementation methodology allows you to achieve full cash visibility within 12 weeks on average.

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Digital bank connectivity

Digital bank connectivity

TreasuryXpress removes the burden of connecting to and managing your bank accounts.  Our Digital Bank Connectivity-as-a-Service leverages the power of Bottomline's Universal Aggregator, a suite of SWIFT products, as well as a variety of alternative digital options such as API, SFTP and more to help you achieve full connectivity swiftly and seamlessly.

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Treasury management solutions for every organisation

Whether you are an SMB or a multi-billion-dollar enterprise, Bottomline has a solution to fit your needs. Our diverse product portfolio and choice of deployment methods ensure that we can deliver and support the solution that is right for you.

Our TreasuryXpress clients range from $10M to $80B in size and span 55 countries worldwide. From portfolio and bank account management to cash forecasting and liquidity planning all the way through reporting and operational efficiency, we are the right-size partner for any-size organisation.


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